12 Fun Weekend Activities That Burn Lots Of Calories

1 / 12 Cycling in the park

You don’t necessarily have to go to East Coast Park to cycle, thanks to oBike’s signature yellow bikes all around the island. This full-body cardio workout uses your core and leg muscles as you propel yourself forward. And cycling is so fun, it won’t even feel like a workout. It’s a perfect way for some easy, breezy alone-time. Or grab a buddy for loads of fun and laughter along the way.

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2 / 12 Hiking

Take advantage of Singapore’s lush green rainforests and prepare a towel and water bottle before you set off. Bring your friends along so uphill walks won’t be such a tire. Walking is a fantastic way to burn fat and hiking is a sure-fire way that will easily help you count in 10 000 steps for the day.

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3 / 12 Museum hopping

Feed your mind and soul by visiting with brain-stimulating and visually satisfying art exhibits. Walking around exhibits in museums will see you walking thousands of steps as you visit the different areas of the museum. If you want to take it a notch further, walk from one museum to another- most of them are located around town. End off your journey at the National Gallery because they have brilliant rooftop bars with a scenic view of the Singapore skyline. You’ll get several insta-worthy pictures there!

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4 / 12 Shopping

Don’t underestimate the phrase, “Shopping is my cardio.”. Visiting the countless clothing stores located along the long stretch of Orchard Road will definitely see you walking more steps than usual. This is perhaps the best way to get in more than 10 000 steps for the day. Also, hauling those heavy bags around is indeed no easy feat!

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5 / 12 Theme Parks

Visiting Universal Studios Singapore will have you running or walking all around the extensive theme park as you revisit your favourite rides. Standing around in snaking queues under the scorching heat will give you a great calorie pay off too. Not to mention the extra calories burnt when you freak out right before stomach-sinking rollercoaster drops!

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6 / 12 Swimming

Don your favourite swimsuit and take advantage of Singapore’s humidity by visiting a swimming pool. Visiting a water theme park will have you walking plenty of steps as you make your way around. Moving around in water also uses up more energy. If you’re at a public or housing pool, have a swim off with your friend! Replenish the calories burnt with nutritious fruits and tropical fruit smoothies.

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7 / 12 Dancing

Dancing is a great workout that works every part of your body. We’re sure it also releases stress while you groove out to your favourite tracks. Just turn on some music at home and jam out with your friends. Or, go to a music festival and get the party started with your dance moves! Just be wary of the calories you might be gaining back with those colourful alcoholic concoctions. 

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8 / 12 Spring Cleaning

Okay, this isn’t exactly fun but it can definitely be made more interesting if you spend the day cleaning with your family. Get out your mops, rags and soaps and scrub the floors and windows clean. As you bend over, stretch out to the reach the corners and scrub the floors, you’ll be expending lots of energy! Cleaning is a brilliant way to workout without even realising it.

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9 / 12 Bowling

Visit a bowling alley for a friendly match with your friends! The bending, squatting and arm movements will provide a great workout to your legs, glutes and arms.

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10 / 12 Fly a kite

Why don’t you…fly a kite? Literally! Take a kite down to Marina Barrage and let your kite soar in the air. Although it sounds like a boring activity, you’ll be surprised at how tired your arms feel at the end of it. Don’t worry about getting in some cardio, you will definitely be running around to keep your kite in the air.

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11 / 12 Having a workout date

Get dressed in your best workout apparel and plan a running route with your friend. Run for a few kilometres and plan to end off at a cafe. That way, you’ll get in a run before nourishing yourself with healthy breakfast options . 

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12 / 12 Go to the beach

Get out your swimsuit and head to Sentosa for a fantastic day by the ocean. Bring your workout clothes and running shoes too as running in the sand, will cause more resistance hence burning more calories jogging than you normally would at the jogging track. Walking around the expansive Sentosa area ought to get your fats burning too!

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