10 Surprising Things That Are Spoiling Your Skin

1 / 10 Swimming pool chlorine

The next time you’re done swimming, make sure to wash up thoroughly afterwards. Chlorine can easily cling onto skin and react with your skincare, causing you to break out.

2 / 10 Coffee

Ah, this one hurts. Caffeine can easily dry your skin out and magnify your wrinkles. The solution? Not to give up coffee, of course – we wouldn’t dare to suggest that – just be sure to drink plenty of water to counter this.

3 / 10 Skipping meals

Without a constant supply of nutrients, your skin will end up losing its elasticity, causing it to age faster and dry out more quickly than you realise.

4 / 10 Hot showers

While hot showers feel great, they can dry out the outermost layer of your skin – especially so on your face as it’s much more sensitive than other parts of your body. Avoid going face first under the hot water, and moisturise your skin afterwards for that sleek after-shower look.

5 / 10 Constantly trying beauty products

Allergic reactions aside, most skincare products take some time to really take effect, and constantly switching them up simply gets you nowhere. If you must, do a patch test on your arm before completely switching skincare products.


6 / 10 Talking on the phone

Think about it: We leave our phones just about everywhere – on toilet sink tops, on restaurant tables… And then to our faces when we take calls. Make sure you clean your phone with antibacterial wipes every once in a while to avoid all those germs transferring from your phone to your face.

7 / 10 Hair products on your face

Every time you use dry shampoo or hair spray, be sure you’re covering your face to avoid the particles reaching beyond your hair and reacting with other skincare or makeup products on your skin.

8 / 10 Yo-yo dieting

If you’re constantly on-and-off your diet plan, the results probably aren’t showing on the scale. It will on your face, though, and not in a good way. This unhealthy habit loosens the fibres and breaks down collagen levels in your skin.

9 / 10 Eating too much salt

Having too much salt-rich foods could easily dehydrate skin. Eat everything in moderation, and drink plenty of water to flush out all the meh stuff from your cheat day.

10 / 10 Dirty pillowcases

Every night, we shed plenty of skin cells, leaving behind bacteria and toxins on the pillowcase. Make it a point to wash your pillowcases every week so you rest your head on fresh, clean linen.


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