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I Re-Introduced Carbs Into My Diet, Here’s What Happened

I Re-Introduced Carbs Into My Diet, Here's What Happened

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There's a big difference between being low-carb and becoming 'protorexic', but both will provoke similar fears about how to reintroduce carbs.

If you want to re-introduce carbs after the keto diet there are a few things to remember. 

  • Introduce carbs slowly
  • Stick to slow release, low GI carbs
  • All types of change take time – your body won't instantly balloon and your attitudes to foods won't magically switch
  • Be aware of fats and your calorie intake

We spoke to one woman who had to face up to the fear of re-introducing carbs after and extremely high-protein diet (try this high-protein meal plan for a healthier way to get your levels up).

Re-Introducing Carbs After Keto: Meal Plan


8.30am Porridge with semi-skimmed milk

10.30am Apple, handful cashews

12.30pm Chicken with ratatouille and 125g brown rice

2pm Biltong or 1 protein bar

7.30pm Red meat/fish with green vegetables and sweet potato

10.15pm Handful granola, yoghurt pot, honey, berries and cinnamon


Having done a ‘carb shop’ to stock up on non-protein goods like sweet potato, oats, bread – I kick off the day with porridge.

I like the taste. I don’t like the anxiety that comes with it.

I Re-Introduced Carbs Into My Diet, Here's What Happened


Two hours of weights and I’m so hungry by the time I’m done I can’t help but down a protein shake, despite Arnot saying banana and peanut butter will give me the same post- workout benefits…


I pick up some bagels in the supermarket, then put them back. Arnot is encouraging me to eat these foods now and again so I see they’re not the enemy. I can’t. But I’ve only had one protein shake in three days. So, progress.


My lunch tub has never seen so many carbs. My regular chicken is replaced with roast veg and brown rice. I still eat a protein bar mid- afternoon and worry snacks and carbs will equal weight gain.


At the gym, I notice a difference as I power through my circuit without crumpling to the floor. I meet friends for a drink in the evening, who are shocked when I start munching on Bombay mix.

I Re-Introduced Carbs Into My Diet, Here's What Happened


Another day, another protein bar. I can’t kick it. As I’m getting ready for bed, I check to see my abs are still in existence. Good. This serves as a much-needed motivation boost.


Lunch is pasta, something that’s been at the top of my banned list for nearly two years. I can’t fault the taste, but I do feel a bit bloated in the afternoon, which gives me the fear.


My carb-loving husband looks on in awe as I devour a plate of shepherd’s pie with sweet potato mash and green veg. It helps to know that I’m hitting the gym tomorrow.


I wear a heart monitor to my circuits session to show how hard I’m training. It confirms I’m working at a higher intensity than I was before. The carbs are making an impact.

DAY 10

I manage to deadlift more weight for more reps than I’ve ever done before, even in the days I first boosted my protein intake. I look to the scales – my weight hasn’t changed an ounce!

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