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The abs-training tips every woman needs

The abs-training tips every woman needs


What one abs exercise do you always include in your workouts? 

The plank. It's great for activating the lower core muscles, which tend to be neglected in core workouts because crunching movements like sit-ups over-emphasise the upper abs.

What is the abs exercise you find most challenging?

Russian twists with a medicine ball are a killer!




What techniques do you use to add intensity to abs exercises?

You can always increase the intensity of an abs exercise by adjusting your body position. For example, extending your legs fully and raising them slightly off of the ground while doing crunches. Try the bootcamp abs workout exercises in the video above to progress your core moves.

How can you activate your core more during everyday activities? 

Simply standing up straight and thinking more about the abs will improve your core strength and improve your training results. Slouching causes you to relax your core and puts pressure on your lower spine, which can eventually limit your mobility and change the appearance of your abs.

Do you have any predictions of the core training trends of the future?

Calisthenics exercises are mega challenging for the core, so I think we’ll continue to go back to basics and find new ways to challenge the core without incorporating weights.

How do you recommend clients use fitness-specific technology like Electric Muscle Stimulation to increase their results?

I think EMS technology can help clients to identify which areas they are working with each exercise, as they’ll feel increased sensations from the muscles that are working hardest. That means a more intense abs workout, better results and improved overall body awareness. Getting digital feedback is a really important motivational tool, too, as the user can recognise and be proud of their improvements. 

What's your go-to pre-workout fuel and post-workout recovery snack for lean, strong abs?

At least an hour before a workout I have a meal including protein and carbs. Also, I love to make milkshakes. I use soya milk, banana, cocoa, nut butter and cinnamon. It's great after a tough workout.

The abs-training tips every woman needs

Explain your number 1 golden rule for effective core training.

Good posture! It's so important to maintain good form when training your core.

What's the biggest mistake you see clients making, and what's the best way to correct it?

Using weights that are too heavy. I think it is unnecessary and often leads to injuries. I recommend increasing the number of repetitions instead of increasing the weight.

Which fitness goals most require a strong core?

If you are a runner and you want to improve your speed, core training is essential. Having a strong core will make your running far more efficient and can also help to prevent common injuries.

What do you consider the main benefits of a strong core?

Having a strong core will aid all elements of fitness, including balance, agility and power. 

Can you give us an example of a core circuit you incorporate in your own personal workouts?

A typical core workout for me looks like the abs bootcamp (above). Try each of the following moves for 60 secs (including both sides for oblique exercises): 

  • Kick and crunch
  • Mountain climber with rotation
  • Double plank
  • Jump press

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