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How It Really Feels Being Around ‘Ideal’ Bodies All Day

How It Really Feels Being Around 'Ideal' Bodies All Day

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Instagram is full of beautiful pictures of beautiful women. Often they’re in bikinis and often they can provoke some less than kind views on your own body.

One way to deal with this? Spend less time scrolling.

A recent study looked at the exact time at which it can start to make you feel bad about yourself.

Another way? Try to be inspired by everyone on the gram.

One woman who’s trying to remind woman of this is Aussie photographer Cait Miers.

Cait spends her life snapping incredible looking women in dreamy beach settings. Unsurprisingly, she hasn’t been entirely unaffected.

She recently posted a snap of herself – ‘tiger stripes’ in tow – with an explanation of how she thrives in a world that could easily get her down.


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