October 2017


5 Best Products to Treat Puffy Eyes And Reduce That Swollen Look

Photo: Shao-Chun Wang / www.123rf.comHOW CAN I PREVENT AND TREAT PUFFY EYES?Puffy eyes from lack of sleep, water retention or poor blood circulation can often make one look tired, unhealthy and older. Mr Yasushi Ishibashi, founder of Japanese cosmetics label Three, says improving blood circulation is key to efficiently reducing and preventing puffiness around the eyes.

5 Lip Glosses For Luscious Lips

Fenty Beauty is launching its galaxy holiday collection today, and the glitter gloss is definitely not to be missed. Packed with iridescent glitter, and a mirror-like shine, one swipe is all it takes for your lips to achieve an out of this world shine. Plus, the gloss is smooth and creamy to give your lips ultimate comfort. Wear it on its own, or dab it over your lipstick.

7 Epic Arctic Adventures That Will Completely Change Your Life View

Aurora Wilderness Camp. PHOTO: OFF THE MAP TRAVELWhether dining in a private mobile restaurant, floating under the Northern Lights, glamping in the wilderness or enjoying the world’s only “snow sauna” with a clear view of the night sky, there are plenty of fresh experiences for those planning an Arctic adventure this winter.

12 Fun Weekend Activities That Burn Lots Of Calories

You don’t necessarily have to go to East Coast Park to cycle, thanks to oBike’s signature yellow bikes all around the island. This full-body cardio workout uses your core and leg muscles as you propel yourself forward. And cycling is so fun, it won’t even feel like a workout. It’s a perfect way for some easy, breezy alone-time. Or grab a buddy for loads of fun and laughter along the way.
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